good day good day bad day bad day

Our recording of Oliver Leith's good day good day bad day bad day was released in August 2020


Deadpan, subversive, quietly anarchic, disarmingly heart-sore and sweet-sour music that makes masterful use of space and placement and sparse forces and really deft repetition [...] there is great style and finesse in what Oliver Leith is doing. [...] I've listened to [good day good day bad day bad day] an awful lot since it arrived in my inbox and I am enchanted afresh every single time.

Kate Molleson, BBC Radio 3 New Music Show

At the premiere I remember thinking the opening was one of the most dreamy things I’d heard in ages. But I’d forgotten just how many more sweetly sad worlds the rest of the work carries us to. New music does not get more lovable than good day good day bad day bad day. It’s a piece you want to hug. A sweet-hearted hypnagogic gem from one of the young masters of the sadboi school.

Igor Toronyi-Lalic