george barton & siwan rhys, piano and percussion duo, with toy piano © dejan mrdja

photo © dejan mrdja

photo © dejan mrdja


you can check out our twitter page here, the handle is @GBSRduo

we've also got a patch in mark zuckerberg's personal spygarden, find it here

dejan mrdja from studio syn took all the photos for this website, and filmed many of the videos you can see on the media page. many thanks for his work.

we also performed in dejan's amazing live drawing performance piece chasing synchrony 2.0, learn more here

we've hugely enjoyed working with sound intermedia and nick moroz on electroacoustic works this year

composers whose works we've enjoyed performing recently (many of them you can find on the media pages):

oliver christophe leith

eric wubbels

barbara monk feldman

nicholas moroz


william cheshire

liam mattison

hannah lash

gregory rose

mark david boden

jo kondo

christian wolff

joel rust

fran le lohé

william hunt

ji sun yang

paul newland

mauricio kagel

john luther adams

karlheinz stockhausen

and some whose works we're very excited to play soon:

patrick brennan

peter mcgarr

vinko globokar

we're extremely grateful to st john's smith square for their support, as well as nonclassical, who gave us our start and have been very supportive over a number of years.

you'll find our performance of cowell's ostinato pianissimo, along with some other real gems from great performers, on the "live @ nonclassical vol. #1" cd, available here

fellow performers from the media pages:

ricardo gosalbo

andrew power

oliver pashley

craig apps

moira bette

romana kaiser

david ruff

and the man who wrote the beautiful choreography from william cheshire's what we do:

kit brown